Covid-19 Prevention Measures

We want to welcome you back – we’re committed to keeping you safe as you return!

In continuing to manage the safe opening of the Centre, we have appointed an Assistant Centre Manager to work with our members.

In addition, to welcome everyone back and to continue to keep our members safe from 19 July 2021 we have set the following rules for the centre:

Please wear face masks/coverings in all public areas of the building;

Maintain social distancing;

Continue hand sanitising and follow our one-way system

Assistant Centre Manager
– Carol Callum
Centre Manager
– Jim Pendrey

Carol Callum works with our Centre Manager, Jim Pendrey, to assist in running the centre each week.

In addition to the above Covid-19 safety practices already in place the centre is also increasing the ventilation in all our halls. There are automatic ventilated windows in the Youth hall and kitchen area to complement the ventilated windows in the Dance studio and Adult hall.

There are hand sanitising stations in all areas and a one-way system is in place to assist in keeping all our group members safe

Group leaders
  • All groups have the following in their risk assessment
  • Only allowed to re-join the centre following a 1 hour talk about new safety conditions with the Covid-19 coordinator
  • Public liability insurance
  • Covid-19 hire agreement
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